Rules and Conditions

  1. No Claims will be entertained for anything that may happen to Competitors, their servants, onlookers, horses, vehicles or property in connection with, or arising from, this event and it shall be a condition of entry that each entrant shall indemnify the Committee and event venue against any legal action arising from any mishap.
  2. The Judge's decision is final in all events.
  3. No horses or ponies under the age of 4 years may be ridden in any class or on the event grounds..
  4. The Committee reserve the right to refuse or reject any entry and to amend or cancel any class at their discretion.
  5. No entry fee will be refunded unless a class is cancelled or a Doctor's or Veterinary Surgeon's Certificate is produced, dated no later than the Monday immediately following the event.
  6. Any complaints must be written out and handed to the Secretary of the Show within 15 minutes of the incident, accompanied by a fee of £20, which will be refunded if the complaint is upheld.
  7. Correctly fitted Hard Hats to PAS 015, BSEN1384 or ASTM F 1163 with Kite Mark or SEI with three point fastening secured MUST be worn at all times when mounted or the competitor may be eliminated and/or asked to leave the showground.
  9. Riders are requested to ride sensibly at all times.
  10. All attendees are reminded that rudeness or bad behaviour will not be tolerated at our shows and events and if doing so, the person or persons may be asked to leave the venue.
  11. A FEE OF £4 PER RIDER IS REQUESTED TO FUND FIRST AID COVER. Please add this to the Entry Form.
  12. Please take your litter home. We are not allowed to leave any mess in the venues so please help us to keep the grounds clean and tidy. Your co-operation is greatly appreciated.

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