Spring 2019

HWRC Committee - 04-Sep-2019

Newsletter – Spring 2019


Its been a busy spring full of Qualifiers and a few championships, and the season is well and truly on the way. So, I hope you have been able to get out and about with your horse and put all your winter training in to practice. I have recently started a new job so as you are all probably aware, trying to work out how to juggle that and getting my pony ridden has been a task, but I think we have finally settled in to a routine. Therefore, these Newsletters should be back to being a bit more regular.


What’s been going on
Indoor Show jumping Qualifiers
We had 7 teams in action at the indoor show jumping qualifiers at BCA in March. It started off with the senior 80 team of Zoe Harris, Charlotte Osmond, Jean Churn and Lucy Chappell, who had 4 clear rounds in the first round and a few poles in the 2nd but Lucy produced a double clear. The Junior 80 was next with 1 unlucky pole in one of the rounds for Jodi Carter, Charlotte Kirkham and Georgia Vella but a double clear for Cruz Furnell- Brennan helped the team to win and qualify for the championships. Cruz also came 2nd Individually and Jodi came 6th. The junior 90 team had 2 double clears from Holly Martin and Georgia Vella on her second horse, the team was completed by Natasha Bonnick and Alice Daly who had some faults in both rounds, but the team came 3rd. Georgia picked up 5th individually. Senior 90 team of Hattie Coupland, Linda Newell and Jo Lovett finished outside the placings, but Linda produced a double clear. We had 2 x 100 teams the white team of Zoe Furnell , Millie Mahoney , Jane Adderley and Laura Salisbury finished 4th and the Black team of Jane with a 2nd horse, James Tappin , Linda on another horse and Anita Sunthankar came 2nd with James taking 5th individually with a double clear. Thanks to everyone who came to help on the day as HWRC jointly ran this event.


Arena Eventing Championships
There were 4 individuals and a team representing HWRC at the Arena Eventing Championships at Aston le Walls in March. Andrea Haslam was in the senior 80 class but unfortunately was not placed but if you see the April issue of the BRC Rider magazine, they were cover stars from the event! Alice Daly was in the junior 90 and finished 9th with just 3.6 time penalties. James Tappin was in the 100 class and finished 17th with 7.2 penalties. The senior 90 team of Bryony Houston, Linda Newell , Jane Adderley and Laura Salisbury finished 8th and individual Hattie Coupland finished 10th with 6 time penalties.


Combined Training Qualifier
We had 1 team 2 individuals and 2 junior individuals. The team of Jane Adderley, Lucy Chappell, Laura Salisbury and Hattie Coupland came 2nd. Lucy won her arena with Jane on her second horse coming 4th, Laura came 6th in her arena. Juniors Alice Daly and Natasha Bonnick came 2nd and 4th respectively.


Novice Winter Championships
Our junior 80 show jumping team headed up to Arena UK for the novice winter championships. The team of Cruz Furnell-Brennan , Jodi Carter , Charlotte Kirkham and Georgia Vella headed up the day before and had an amazing time by all accounts, even though there were no placings everyone had a great time and it’s an achievement just to get there.


Intermediate Winter Championships
There were 2 juniors contesting the dressage at Bury Farm in April. Alice Daly in the Novice and Natasha Bonnick in the Elementary. Alice finished 5th and Natasha finished 7th in their arena. An amazing first championships for Natasha and her horse Bobby, and another championships placing for Alice and her amazing pony, Johnny.


Riding Club Camp by Jo Lovett
After many months and weeks or organising, Wendy and I set off with Fudge on the Friday lunchtime. The lorry and ‘Landy’ was overflowing with clothes, coats, tent and plenty of booze and food. We wanted to arrive early to settle Fudge in and welcome everyone, especially the newbies.
The weather was horrendous – gale force winds and raining hard by the time everyone came. Fortunately, the tents were up by then. Russ & Lucy had everything clean and tidy for us and they were very accommodating and welcoming.
Once all had safely arrived and horses were settled, we met up in the wooden shack for wine and pizza/kebab delivery. We all had a terrible night – the storm was horrendous. Poor Inske (Allso) lost her gazebo into the next field and in the morning all buckets, brooms etc were spread across the site!
The first few to ride all walked our horses before mounting. Other than the flags in the Wallaby Arena (which caused Teddy to have a meltdown, poor boy), the horses were all well behaved.
Wendy and I thought it would be lovely to try and have breakfast all together in the shack so we had brought bacon, rolls, tea, coffee for everyone to help themselves to. We also asked everyone to bring snacks, crisps etc to share.
Our trainers – Russell Cooper and Tessa Spencer - were superb. Hopefully we fed and watered them well.
Finally, the rain stopped on Saturday but the wind didn’t. After all having great xc and dressage lessons, we got ready to go out for the evening. Unfortunately, Sally came off XC and hurt her thumb – she did come out for the evening but left early as she was staying at a B&B.
We had the luxury of use of 2 showers – heaven! We had booked a local pub – the John ‘o Gaunt – in Hungerford which served us a most delicious meal. We all had a better night on Saturday – more bacon rolls on Sunday morning and then we all had show jumping in the morning.
In the afternoon we all chose our 4th lesson – Sally had sensibly decided to go home on Sunday morning once her husband arrived to drive her lorry and we were joined by 3 more day-campers. The wind died down and the rain had stopped although it was still chilly.
This was rounded off with prizegiving:-
Best New Horse: Adrian Daw’s Fuego
Best Dressage (Russell) – Jess Coupland
Best XC (Russell) Jo Lovett
Best Dressage (Tessa) Lucinda
Best XC (Tessa) Inske Allso
Most Improved – Helen
Most Helpful – Janette Thompson
Best Dozy Comment (Bacon!) Hattie Coupland
We were all exhausted but had a great time and lots of fun and laughs.
Big thanks to Russell & Tessa and a huge thank you to Lottie Elizabeth for braving the weather and taking lots of lovely photos for us!
Jo & Wendy


Festival of the horse championships
There were 3 individuals representing us at the Festival of the Horse Championships, 2 in the combined training and 1 in the eventer challenge. Alice Daly was on the Saturday in the Junior Combined Training where she yet again picked up a placing coming 8th in her arena. On Sunday, Holly Martin was in action in the Eventer Challenge coming mid-way down the order in a competitive section with a flying clear cross country, just those time penalties keeping her from the placings. Lucy Chappell was also competing in the Senior Combined Training on Sunday where she came 9th in her arena. Lucy also took part in a non-qualifier class Veteran Dressage where she came 5th.


Horse Trials Qualifiers
We need to start off by saying a big thank you to everyone who helped organise the day. It’s a big event for HWRC to run and it all ran very smoothly. The day started off with the 100 team in Jane Adderley, Samantha Newell, James Tappin and Anita Sunthankar came 2nd with individual 4th for Anita and 6th for James. The 90 team weren’t quite as successful, but I think a lot of lessons were learnt. However, Hattie Coupland and Mara picked up a 3rd individually. We just had 1 individual in the Junior 90 which was Holly Martin who came 4th. There was a team and 2 individuals in the 80, the team of Charlotte Osmond on Bea , Laura Salisbury , Zoe Harris and Andrea Haslam were 2nd only 3.1 penalties behind 1st so a very tight competition. There were also plenty of individual placings Laura 2nd, Charlotte on Bea 4th, Zoe 5th , Andrea 6th and Charlotte on Sumo 8th. It was Jo Lovett and Fudge’s first horse trials together after having some trouble on the day, but I understand they went back the next day and stormed it which is exactly what its all about, learning and gaining from the experience. The 80 class also doubled up as a London & South East (LSE) qualifier which means the team are now heading off to the Champs in September at Snowball Farm. The only win for HWRC came late on in the day in the form of Niamh Fox and Magic winning the Junior 80 so it’s off to the National Champs for them at the beginning of August.


What’s coming up
Dressage to Music Qualifiers
The entries have unfortunately closed for this event, but we have Inske Allso and Diosa entered in the Elementary class and I am sure we will hear plenty of music created by our very own Natalie Porter. So, it is worth heading along to have a look to see what it’s all about, I am sure it will be an entertaining day, its on the 15th of June at BCA.


Show jumping Qualifiers
These take place on the 7th of July being held at BCA. We already have a lot of people signed up but there is always room for more. If you are interested please get in contact with Laura Salisbury. There are lots of classes for all, including a Style competition where you are judged on your style whilst jumping as well as your penalties.


Hickstead Show Jumping Teams
We have 3 teams heading to Hickstead this year to compete in the show jumping teams. There are a maximum of 3 riders in each team, so every score counts. Everyone jumps a different height 85, 95 and 105. The teams are full for this year but if you wanted to go along and support, maybe seeing what it is about for next year. it takes place on the 28th of July at Hickstead showground.


A word from our chairman
It’s hard to realise that we are almost half way through the year! Where has all the time gone? It’s certainly true, as Zoe has written at the beginning of this Newsletter, it’s been pretty busy with Qualifiers, Championships and, of course, Camp. Sadly, this hardly leaves any time (or energy) to run any competitions for the Club. I understand that other Clubs in Area 6 are also complaining of the same. We need to run Club events in order to make the money to cover our outgoings and support our Teams, but there’s no time.
Entries for many events, be they Qualifiers, Club Events or Open Shows are sadly still down. The costs of putting on these equestrian fixtures, however, cost more and more each year. No organiser wants to cancel their events, but they need the entry money to make events viable. If they cancel, people tend to think all their events will eventually be cancelled, so you lose their patronage. It’s a tricky situation. But we do need to have the courage to run them, or there will be little for those just starting out, or those with young/new/novice horses. Thank goodness for Riding Clubs and Pony Clubs who are endeavouring to run events, or there would be nothing for the grass roots riders
While on my rounds, I have noticed how many Judges have given up. Good Dressage Judges, SJ Judges and Show Judges are like gold dust these days. And those still on the circuit are all getting older too! It’s hard to find the younger element that are interested in picking up the mantle. Some feel they don’t have the experience to put themselves forward, but everyone has to start somewhere! I always suggest that they perhaps shadow an established Judge to see if their own thoughts match those of the Judge. And no Judge worth their salt will mind having a rooky alongside them to learn. We need a campaign to entice new blood into the industry.


Training Show on 19th May
Pauline Salisbury very kindly ran a Training Show at her own premises on 19th May. The activities included a Dressage Clinic, where the rider rode a Dressage Test, then had a ‘lesson’ with the Judge, followed by riding the Test again to put what they had learned into practice. Rosettes were also presented.
The Judge was List Judge, Cilla Lown. Obviously, you can’t accommodate too many riders and horses on these such days, but there were seven which was just about right. Riders also had the opportunity to ride in Clear Round Jumping, starting for some with poles on the ground. Jumping can sometimes terrify people if they’ve never done it, and maybe they don’t have any poles at home to practice over. They don’t take up any of the typical jumping clinics, because they feel jumps will start at 70 or 80cm. So being able to start with poles on the ground is a massive step forward for them. It also helps with steering!!
Pauline will run another of these Training Shows on 29th June, again at her home in Chalfont St Peter, but with another List Judge. Further details will follow shortly, so keep an eye on our website.


The recent Horse Trials Qualifier
I know that Zoe has already covered this event earlier in this Newsletter, but I would also like to add my two penn’th. The event was masterminded by Irene (Harper). You do have to have someone who oversees everything, and Irene did a fabulous job again. You’d never believe the number of people you need to run such a day. There has to be two people on every fence to fence judge on the cross country. (BRC rules). Then there’s all those who have to run the Dressage, and another ‘team’ to run the show jumping. People tend to forget all this! Then you need Secretaries to hand out numbers, check hats and body protectors to make sure they meet all the current standards and answer a million queries that people have! Passports have to be checked to make sure that those horses competing are fully covered with their vaccinations. Then of course, you need a team of scorers and some official stewards to make sure every angle is running properly. To find out later that we actually ran completely to time was a real bonus.
When you have to find food for about 100+ people on the day, that needs yet another willing party to produce all that. Thank you Wendy (Newman) and Jo (Lovett). Having done it myself in the past, I know what a mission it is! Just doing all the buying of the food at a Cash & Carry can be a trauma of its own! But we got through it for another year, so millions of thank you’s if you were a part of the day in any of the helping roles.


A warm welcome to our new members that have joined us this year. We hope that we will be able to offer what you need and would like to get from the Club. It will be interesting to see how Clubs might evolve over the next year or so, to fit in with our ever-changing needs and wants for our horses and ourselves.
If you have any ideas of events that you’d like to see the Committee organising, please do let us know.
Very best wishes to you all,
Jan Eedle-Wells
Chairman – HWRC
Tel: 01494-882041 email:

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