September 2016

HWRC Committee - 05-Jan-2017


                                                                              SEPTEMBER 2016


The summer seems to be flying past before I can blink! Although our fields are appreciating the rain we’ve had over the last week, I’m not sure I’m ready to come to terms with autumn and winter just yet! I must apologise for the lack of newsletter in August; I went away to Sicily for a fortnight and then came straight back into the Horse Trials championships and put simply, time ran away with me! But I’m back up and running now. This Friday, we’re off to Lincoln for the National Championships – good luck to all of our riders up there in the intermediate and open showjumping, as well as prelim and novice dressage.

Do you have sycamore trees around your fields? We have one that is laden with sycamore seeds, just waiting to drop. Every day when we poo pick, we are inspecting the ground for fallen seeds, but thankfully we’ve not had many drop just yet. Once they do drop, we’ll have to move the horses out of the field. It’s very important to be aware of how dangerous the seeds can be as they can cause atypical myopathy, a horrible illness with a 70% fatality rate. It is suggested that Autumn is the most dangerous time as the seeds are falling and paddocks are starting to look sparse, which causes horses to forage in the undergrowth. On a lighter note, I’m glad to see that our horses are doing a good job picking the blackberries in our fields! I hope they leave some for us!


What’s happened so far in 2016 …….
Championship! National Horse Trials Championships – 5th to 7th August at Swalcliffe
We had quite a few dramas in the run up to the Championships with several team members dropping out and needing replacing! In the end, we formed an area 6 team in the 90 (Bryony Houston, Laraine Ryan, Pauline Salisbury and Amy Searle from Wellington RC), an area 6 team in the 100 (Karen Salisbury, Laura Martin and Samantha Newell from SORC) and a full team, plus an individual in the 100+ (Jackie Jenkins, Anita Sunthankar, Stephanie Read, Jane Adderley and Alice Prior).
The 100+ team (Steph, Jackie, Jane and Anita) all had great dressage scores and were sitting 4th overnight. Jackie and Jane were in the top 10. Alice (individual) also did a great test. They stormed around the cross country, with everyone clear except Steph, who had a slight steering error and picked up 20 penalties. There was some upset on Saturday night as Alice was given 58 time penalties for being 133 seconds over the optimum time. She was sure it was an error, so lodged a complaint, which was upheld and they realised she was due 5 time faults as she was 13 seconds over the time!! It was a good lesson learnt that if you don’t believe them, check! Showjumping caused a few issues on the final day - I saw very few clear rounds. Jane did a beautiful double clear, Steph had 1 down, Jackie and Alice 2 and Anita 3. Jane finished in 3rd place and got another sash - and I believe was the highest placed non-BE member. Anita was 7th, Jackie 11th.
The 100 team (Sam, Laura Martin and Karen) had good dressage scores - Sam was in the top 3 in her arena and Laura led her arena. Sam and Laura flew round the xc clear with no time faults. Karen was unfortunately given a technical elimination. Sam then did a clear round showjumping and Laura had 2 fences down. Sam won her arena and Laura finished 7th.
The 90 team (Bryony, Pauline, Laraine and Amy Searle) all did pretty good dressage tests. Laraine was 4th after dressage. Pauline went clear showjumping, Bryony, Laraine and Amy had 1 down. Amy and Bryony went clear cross country - with 1 time fault each. Laraine had a run out at a double, where her mare just got too strong down the hill and Pauline flew round very confidently, but was unfortunately eliminated retrospectively for not going on the right of a white flag at the end of the steeplechase. So the team were unplaced with Amy and Bryony just outside the placings. 2016 wasn’t our year, but a huge thank you to Sophie Cartwright and all of our parents and helpers, who came and looked after us in the 10 minute box. We had a blast – and couldn’t have done it without you!
Qualifier! London & South East Horse Trials – 28th August at Shire Lane
HWRC had a great day at the London & South East horse trials qualifiers! We fielded three teams – the Black team (Harriet Coupland, Sophie Cartwright, Jemima Hopper and Phoebe Anderson), the Red team (Michelle Watts, Janette Thompson, Liam Spencer and Jessica Coupland) and the White team (Catherine Clemow, Jean Churn, Alison Craft and Laura Salisbury).
Two of our new junior members were highest placed with Phoebe 2nd and Liam 4th. Alison was also 6th and the teams were all placed – Black team 2nd, White team 4th and the Red team 5th, so they should all have qualified for the Championships at the end of September! Watch this space!


Things still to come in 2016…
Qualifier! Festival of the Horse – 9th October at Wheatlands Farm
We are looking for team members for the Festival of the Horse qualifiers in October. Entries are £36 per person. For those that haven’t done it before, it is a round of showjumping, followed by a round of cross country, all done in your cross country gear.
***New*** 80cm class, plus the usual 90cm and 100cm classes. There will be no pairs classes this year/going forward. Please get in touch with Bryony ( /07787283781) if you are interested.


Annual General Meeting – 20th October at Studley Green Community Centre

This is a great chance to celebrate the Club’s successes of 2016, meet new and old friends and generally catch up with what’s going on. We usually have a guest speaker or activity happening – more to be announced soon! There will be a Team Award to all those members who have ridden for us this year in any of the Teams (Qualifiers, Championships etc) so do come along and collect yours if you are one of those members. And Cups will be presented to those members who have won the most points, is the Best Turned out when seen, has the Most Improved Horse, is the Most Improved Rider (Senior and Junior). So it’s a worthwhile evening to turn out for.


Open Indoor Showjumping – 22nd October at BCA
A great chance to start the indoor showjumping season with classes ranging from minimus to open. We usually have some great prizes to give out! Schedule available at and online entries will open shortly!


Qualifier! Novice Winter Dressage – 30th October at Wellington Riding
Novice dressage teams (prelim standard) on a surface – more details available soon! If you are interested in being a part of the team – or just want to know more, get in touch with Steph Read (


Qualifier! Intermediate Winter Dressage – 30th October at Wellington Riding
Intermediate dressage teams (Novice & Elementary standard) on a surface – more details available soon! If you are interested in being a part of the team – or just want to know more, get in touch with Steph Read (


Open Indoor Hunter Trial – Sunday 20th November at BCA
Another great chance to start the indoor showjumping season over rustic and portable X-C fences with classes ranging from minimus to open. The Schedule available at and online entries will open shortly!


We would love to set up more training for the club – please contact Sue Porter with what you would like to see from the Club!
Sue Porter 07944-725778/
Showjumping on Grass
Jo Lovett has a full set of 14 showjumps set up in her field, including a skinny fence, barrels and a plastic brush. She has very kindly offered the use out for free to any HWRC members. You are welcome to go on your own or take your trainer with you. Get in touch with Bryony if you are interested (
Showjumping with Lana at Waylands
Pauline is looking to organise showjumping clinics with Lana at Waylands – please get in touch if you would be interested and we can set some dates up.


A word from the Chairman –
I feel so proud of the successes of our members this year when they have ridden for us in Teams. It’s just been a WOW season! Having been a keen competitor – and Team Member – myself in the long distant past, I fully appreciate how much time and effort goes into competing AND being part of a Team. If it goes wrong as an individual rider, well we just take it on the chin and try again another day. But as part of a Team, you can feel under pressure not to “let down your other Team Members”. However, I’ve not known any of our members to be anything other than supportive to each other, which is fantastic.
But we’ve not finished yet as we have three more Qualifiers to compete in and another Championship, which is the London & South East Horse Trials Champs. Good luck to everyone in all these endeavours.
Congratulations to Bryony, aka Mrs Houston, on two counts. Now, which to choose first….. Well, in no particular order then, yesterday she and John celebrated their first wedding anniversary. Golly, was it really a year ago that we saw her looking so elegant in her beautiful white wedding gown? Then the next Congrats is for winning a SASH at the RC National Championshions in Dressage, in the pouring rain. Something she (and others too, I’m sure) has desired for many a season! Well done girl!
Chiltern & Thames Rider
Once again I judged at the Chiltern & Thames Rider Championships on Sunday last at Herts County Showground. I believe that was my 12th or 13th Year that I’ve judged for them and have taken on just about all the different classes over the years except show jumping. It came as a shock to discover that Sue Mitchell (Editor and founder of both the magazine and the Championship show) is selling up at the end of this year, so no-one knows if the Qualifiers held at local shows and ultimately, the final Championships will continue. I don’t know who is buying the magazine or what will happen in the future. It was such a pity that there was a massive gridlock on the M1, meaning that many horseboxes and trailers were stuck on the motorway, including myself. I sat in my car for over 3½ hours and got so stressed as the hours ticked by with no movement to speak of. I texted Sue to tell her what was happening, and then rang and spoke to her two hours later. I was due in the Ring and the time had gone past my start time. The Police began to escort some of the boxes down the hard shoulder as the animals were getting hot under the collar with no movement going on, but that courtesy didn’t extend to the likes of me, sadly!
As someone who always likes to be early, I’m sure my blood pressure must have gone sky high! I arrived half an hour after my scheduled start time, only to find that most of the other judges had been held up too and many competitors. There were massive delays in all the Rings but we all tried to accommodate the riders who ended up with clashing classes. Sue had delayed my Ring so that it started an hour later than scheduled so I didn’t let anyone down. I didn’t get any lunch as there wasn’t time, but when you are focused on judging, the hunger kinda goes on hold!
I actually stayed to watch the Supreme Championship at the end of the day, when they had brought in a special judge, just to judge all the section winners, to find the Horse and Pony that were to be the Supremes. Imagine my joy to discover that it was one of ‘mine’ from one of my classes that won Supreme Pony. After 38 years of being a judge, I think I might just be able to spot a good’un now!!
I took away with me a copy of the latest C & T magazine, as I don’t have it delivered now, and was delighted to see a feature on one of our members, David Britnell, with lots of photos. He is doing so well eventing at a high level and considering he’s just 24, and didn’t start riding until he was 13, that’s pretty amazing. He is also now a BHSll and working towards his BHSl. His Mum, Dawn, must be so proud of his achievements. He’s now earning his way as an Instructor as well as bringing on young horses for other owners. Go David!
Now for something different……….
For my sins, I am now on the Committee of the Studley Green Community Centre, as Booking Secretary, Vice Chairman and a Trustee. We inherited from the old committee a very shabby hall and virtually no money! So it’s been an interesting 16 months. However, two family members and I have spent 2½ weeks painting the place up and getting lots of boxes ticked in what needed doing. The place now looks clean, bright and sparkling. We just have the new kitchen to be fitted now and we are all done!
Many of you come to our AGM, Team Evenings, Dog Shows there, but you only see the Main Hall. There is also a Bar Room and a Meeting Room available to hire, which are also newly decorated and carpeted. People coming in have been pretty amazed at how things now look and bookings are coming in already for various events. People are hiring it for birthdays, special anniversary parties, Christening get togethers and all sorts, especially in the Bar Room! And the hire fees are very cheap. So if you or someone you know is looking for a venue for your event, do contact me. We also have various slots in the weekdays (mornings, afternoons and evenings) which I am keen to see filled. WI, Wives Groups, Photography Groups, Keep Fit, Tai Chi, Judo, Yoga, Pilates, Older People’s Coffee Mornings………there are loads of possibilities. But many people just remember it as a shabby, run down place and don’t give it a thought. But not now, it isn’t!
Fixtures for 2017
We still have our last HWRC shows of the year to come, and we will then be holding our Fixtures Meeting to arrange what we are holding next year. So if you have an idea of something you’d like us to do, please let us know. I have had an offer of a “Bitting” evening, where people can find out what different bits actually do, get help on what your own horse is likely to go best in from an expert and the opportunity to see and handle dozens of different bits in person. You’d be surprised at the range of bits I see in horse’s mouths that are totally wrong for that horse and the way it goes. There’s such a range of bits available now and not everyone is quite sure what they do! A lot of expense can be shelled out buying lots of bits that don’t actually work for your horse, so this Bitting evening seems like an interesting – and helpful – event to lay on. What are YOUR thoughts???
I’m sure, if thought about, we could put on evenings such as this but on other subjects, and maybe even a Course or two on caring for your horse/s by more experts. So as I say, if you have any ideas, please come back to me. We can hold them in the new shiny hall!!!
Good luck to all our members at the forthcoming events and remember, stay safe!
Best wishes,
Jan Eedle-Wells (HWRC Chairman) Home : 01494-882041 Mobile : 07966-276690


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