November/December 2016

HWRC Committee - 05-Jan-2017



Firstly, apologies for missing our November newsletter – unfortunately life got in the way a little! Work was very busy and time ran away with me! I can’t believe we’re nearly in December already. It seems only 5 minutes ago we were bemoaning Bonfire Night and Guy Fawkes! The weather has turned this week – the heating has gone on with a vengeance at home and the thicker rugs have finally come out! I made the slightly off-piste decision to clip Bea – as I am nearly 5 months pregnant, my riding is getting less frequent and hardly vigorous! But I thought if I clipped her, I might squeeze myself into my competition breeches another time or two before officially retiring until the spring/summer. (Needless to say, it’s not happened yet… but she looks much smarter!)
A big thank you to everyone who came along to the open showjumping at the end of October – I’m delighted to announce that we raised £400 for Wilberry Wonder Pony, which is excellent news! Thanks to all the members and committee members who gave up hours (or days!) to the event – it really couldn’t happen without you.


What’s happened so far in 2016 …….
Qualifier! Festival of the Horse – 9th October at Wheatlands Farm
We had a really successful day taking home rosettes in most classes! The 100 team won with Karen Salisbury winning individually, Laura Martin was 3rd, Jane Adderley, 4th, Anita Sunthankar 5th and Lucy Makinson 6th! In the 90, our team of Harriet Coupland, Jane Adderley, Sophie Cartwright and Pauline Salisbury won! Phoebe Anderson was 4th and 6th in the Junior 90 and Holly Martin was 2nd in the Junior 80! Well done to all of you – and to everyone else that took part. I know that it was the first time having a go at teams for a lot of our members – and they all commented that it was a great fun day and they really enjoyed it.
Annual General Meeting
It was great to see everyone at the AGM in October – well done to all of our prize winners. If you took part in the teams this year and you haven’t been given your team prize, please get in touch with Jan to collect it. (Adrian Daw, you’ve got a trophy waiting and Laraine Ryan and Helen Keats – I think you both have team prizes to collect!)
Willberry’s Wonder Pony Open Indoor Showjumping – 22nd October at BCA
This was a fantastic day – busy from start to finish, with a great atmosphere and lots of compliments about the event! We managed to raise £400 for Willberry Wonder Pony, so we’re definitely doing our bit to Kick Cancer’s Butt! A massive thank you to the Porter family, who all gave up the day to secretary, car park and collecting ring steward with huge enthusiasm! Natalie did a sterling job of keeping the classes running smoothly and efficiently. More thank yous to Jan, who gave up her day to judge for us and all the other members who helped on the day – it really wouldn’t be possible without you.
Qualifier! Novice Winter Dressage – 30th October at Wellington Riding
We had several teams taking part in this busy qualifier at the end of October. Particular well done to the HWRC Green team, who finished 2nd, qualifying for the Championships. The team consisted of Jane Adderley on Sofia, Megan Coleman on Dartanian, Lucy Makinson on Joker’s Chance and Jane Bancroft on North Astor Dave. Individual placings include Jane Adderley in 1st, Jane Bancroft in 3rd amd Lucy in 5th. Well done everyone!
Open Indoor Hunter Trial – 20th November at BCA
This was another hugely popular event with full classes starting at 9am and not finishing until 6.30pm! A massive thank you to the army of HWRC helpers who gave up their time – again, we couldn’t have done it without you! We heard lots of good things about the show and hope everyone enjoyed it as much as we did. Full results are on the wesbite.
What’s still to come in 2016 …….
Qualifier! Intermediate Winter Dressage – 11th December at Wellington Riding
Intermediate dressage teams (Novice & Elementary standard) on a surface – more details available soon! If you are interested in being a part of the team – or just want to know more, get in touch with Steph Read (
Dressage Training with Rob Waine – Saturday 17th December
Dressage lessons with Rob Waine at the Hammer and Harp, Hedgerley Green
Please let Zoe know that you will be attending and book directly through Rob's website (/events-app/rob-waine-dressage-clinic - click Enter Now on our website.) You must book/pay in advance.
A bit about Rob: He spent 3 years training with top pony trainer Sonia Webster before moving to become rider for European Bronze medalist and Athens Olympian, Nicola McGivern. Most recently Rob spent 2 fantastic years with International rider, Anna Ross Davies.
Rob is currently training with Olympic Gold Medalist Carl Hester and Louise Spate.
He has competed up to Prix St George and at numerous Young Horse Championships including the Badminton Young Dressage Horse of the Future and the Shearwater National Dressage Championships. In 2013 Rob was crowned Novice and Elementary Central Regional Champion. At the 2014 Winter Regional Championships he won the Novice Open Freestyle with just under 80%. Most recently he gained his first National Title at the 2014 NAF British Dressage Winter Championships. This was in the Elementary Open.
Lessons will be £40 for 45 minutes for individual lessons or £35 for a paired lesson. Your place will not be reserved until you have paid.
Dressage or Jump Training with Jane Adderley – Dates below
Looking at either Jane’s place or Prestwood. December 10, 18, 19, 22, 26, 27, 29, 31. Jan 2017- 1, 3-7 incl
Zoe is keen to get some lessons set up with Jane Adderley – please contact her on if you are interested and she will get some dates set up.


Jumping Lessons with Ross Irving – Date TBC
Zoe has persuaded Ross Irving to do some showjump training for us – the date is TBC, but it is likely to be in the New Year now. Please register your interest with Zoe.


A word from the Chairman –
Well, my car told me it was 1° degree outside this evening, so I think we’ll be lighting those fires and/or turning up the thermostat pretty soon, if not already. And our equines will appreciate their warmer rugs at night and during the daytimes too, I’m sure. So quickly does the weather change, and it’s easy to get caught out with those rug repairs from last year that we’ve been meaning to get done all summer !! Every horsey mag you open is full of rug adverts, but they can be very expensive these days, and as many of us know, they don’t all keep out the rain – despite the advert’s promises. I still think that recommendation is a good way to go.
Do please remember to wear Hi Viz, on both you and your horse. The roads are so dangerous these days and, as was reported on Countryfile last week, not all drivers actually know how to pass a horse on the road safely. I know that seems ridiculous, but it’s true. So by wearing Hi Viz, you go some way to protecting yourselves and your precious mount.
We’ve all but sorted next year’s Fixtures List, so I will be setting to and producing our booklet very soon for all our Members. If you lose yours, as I’m aware that often happens, let me know (or Marj, our Membership Secretary) and we can send you a replacement.
It’s been a busy old season, with one Qualifier still to come on 11th December at Wellington for the Winter Intermediate Dressage. Good luck to all Team Members who are pledged to go. As you’ll know, the Winter Novice Dressage was held at Wellington on 30th October and was run jointly by ourselves (HWRC) and Wellington RC. Dare I say it, but I think they were quite impressed at how efficient we were at doing our part! But then, we have been doing this sort of thing for a very long time, so we ought to have got it sussed by now!
We welcomed our new Committee Members, Michelle Watts, Sophie Cartright and Wendy Newman, when they attended their first Committee Meeting with us in November. Quite what they made of it remains to be seen but I hope they will settle in with us in time. I can just about seat everyone in my drawing room – 14 bottoms !! It’s always a bit of a babtism of fire at the first meeting after the AGM as all committee members resign and have to be ratified again for BRC Head Office. All contact details will, of course, be listed in the 2017 Fixtures Booklet so you can see who is doing what. Our main Team Managers stay the same though. We also held the Fixtures Meeting the same night, so it was pretty full on.
This is our last Newsletter before Christmas, so may I take this opportunity of wishing you and your horses and ponies a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Then we begin all over again!
Very best wishes,
Jan Eedle-Wells (HWRC Chairman) Home : 01494-882041 Mobile : 07966-276690

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