March 2016

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MARCH 2016

Finally the rain seems to have abated and the sun is shining! What a difference it makes to leave work in daylight again – suddenly the spring seems like it is within touching distance. Our horses seem to have taken a break from mud sploshing and breaking fences to go out and hunt fresh roots of spring grass. February has been a quiet month for our horses; I’m in the middle of training for Paris Marathon at the beginning of April, so my evenings are spent either running round in circles, plotting new routes to run or washing endless streams of lycra!


High Wycombe Riding Club have had a busier month having dominated our first Area 6 team qualifier and had a busy day at the dog show! Read on for reports further in the newsletter. We have also had a much needed transformation of our website, which is really easy to use on your mobile or tablet – and entering events or paying for things should be much simpler. As you can see, we desperately need to update our Photos section, so please do send any photos from HWRC events from the past year to Finally, we’ve been busy lining up some training, which you can read about below.


What’s happened so far in 2016 …….


Qualifier! Novice Show Jumping – BCA 7th February

We had two senior and one junior team taking part, consisting of:

Senior Black: Jane Adderley, Alison Craft, Andrea Haslem and Laura Salisbury
Senior White: Jane Adderley, Jean Churn, Natalie Monrowe and Adrian Daw

Junior: Catherine Clemow, Georgia Vella, Isobel Lanning and Holly Martin


The first round got underway with clear rounds from Jane on Harley, Andrea on Broadley Prophet and Laura on Dunnamon with just 4 faults from Alison with Asterisk in team Black. The white team saw a clear from Adrian on QueQue and Jane on Linarejo II. Jean on Camberlache and Natalie both finished on 8 faults. The juniors did very well as well with Georgia on Ardnacoille Lady and Holly on Black Magic both having clear rounds, Isobel on Zoe Furnell-Brennan’s Steady Eddie with 4 faults and Catherine on Rid-Mor Roberts having 3 unfortunate time faults.

The second round was even better than the first with 3 clear rounds from the Black team, leaving them on a score of 0 over both rounds. The white team saw clears from Adrian and Jane, with Jean and Natalie both having 4 faults, finishing on a total of 12 faults. Catherine and Georgia both went clear with Isobel picking up 8 faults and Holly 11 faults, leaving the team on a total of 11 faults and 4th place.

The black team were the only team to finish on 0, so won and will have qualified for the championships in April! Well done to everyone that competed – you all did HWRC proud!


Annual Dog Show – Studley Green 20th February (morning)

Our much loved Dog Show was a great morning with some beautiful dogs and family friends having a fun time out. All poochs (and owners) were exceptionally behaved – with no accidental toilet stops or fights breaking out! We had some fantastic prizes to give away, including heating dog mats, bones and other lovely treats. It was lovely to talk to some of the people who clearly thought the world of their dogs, but the highlight for me was the fancy dress competition! It's always amazing how inventive everyone is.



Things coming up in 2016……


Open Indoor Spring Dressage & Showing Show – Saturday 16th April at BCA

You can now pick up this schedule at local tack shops and online. You can send entries via post or on our website. This is a great show to get your horses out for some ring practice before the summer kicks off. Our competitors always say how friendly it is and they don’t feel any pressure, which is helpful to young people and those who are just starting out doing these sorts of shows. It’s open to members and non-members alike so we hope to see many of you again this year.


Open Hunter Trials – Sunday 17th April at Rosehill: Help Needed!

Yes, we’re running the Hunter Trial the day following the above Show!! I think we may be quite mad! It’s not quite what we had originally planned but what we wanted wasn’t available to us! Never mind though, with lots of help, we’ll get through! On the subject of help, PLEASE can you spare some time to jump judge for us? If YOU can’t, would a friend or family member step in to help us? Don’t forget you get a voucher for helping, every time you help, which can be put towards future entries or training.


Camp Fri 29th April to Sun 1st May - Aston-le-Walls

It’s as popular as ever, and this year will be the 10th Anniversary of running Camp. This is fully booked – if you are on the list, please can you start making your payments. This can be done online or by sending a cheque to Emma.


Training –Sue Porter 07944-725778/

Pre Season Training

  • A pick n mix style day offering dressage, showjumping and cross country at Rosehill EC
  • Saturday 13th March 2016
  • This day offers exceptional value for money with some outstanding local trainers.

Dressage with Dawn Britnell: £25 for a shared lesson (in pairs) approx. 45 minutes – if you would prefer a private lesson, please let us know. This will be on a surface.

Dawn (BHSII) is an experienced coach and competitor – herself having been highly placed at Dressage Regionals and Championships. She has coached many riders both for competition and training for BHS & Pony Club exams – she is also a Pony Club examiner to AH standard and is on the BHS Committee. She has a very good eye for spotting where the problems are and with her wealth of experience knows all of the tricks of the trade for helping improve your scores.

Showjumping with David Britnell: £20 for approx. 1 hour shared lesson between 3 or 4 at a similar level. Once again, if you would prefer a private lesson, please let us know. This will be on the large rubber arena.

David (BHSII & UKCC LEVEL 2) is Dawn’s son and is an accomplished competitor and trainer. He has competed successfully to BE ** Level and many of our Junior Members may already know him from Pony Club.

Cross Country with Jane Adderley: £35 (inc course hire) – We hope to make groups of 4 or 5 people and the session will last for approx. 1 ½ hours (although you will obviously not be jumping all of that time!). Rosehill has a vast variety of jumps from 80cm to 1 metre so very suitable for an early season jump.

Jane needs no introduction as she is a staunch Riding Club Team Member and has ridden in all of the teams for all of the years! What some people may not know is that Jane has also been a BE Accredited Trainer – has trained the Junior European Teams together with Gill Watson. Has ridden internationally and has competed at Advanced Level eventing. She has a strong affiliation with SOHS Pony Club and is a brilliant trainer and motivator of both juniors and seniors.


If anyone would like to do all 3 phases then there will be a special price of £70.


Please book on the website or by email or 07974 938685. Please note that your place will not be reserved until you have paid. If you pay but cannot come on the day, we will do our best to fill your place.



Dressage Clinic with Rob Waine

Hammer and Harp Farm, Wapseys Lane, Hedgerley Green, SL2 3XJ

Saturday 23rd April 2016


Rob Waine is currently training with Olympic Gold Medalist Carl Hester and Louise Spate.

He has competed up to Prix St George and at numerous Young Horse Championships including the Badminton Young Dressage Horse of the Future and the Shearwater National Dressage Championships. In 2013 Rob was crowned Novice and Elementary Central Regional Champion. At the 2014 Winter Regional Championships he won the Novice Open Freestyle with just under 80%. Most recently he gained his first National Title at the 2014 NAF British Dressage Winter Championships. This was in the Elementary Open.


Lessons will be £40 for 45 minutes for individual lessons or £35 for a paired lesson.


Please book on the website or by email or 07866568288/

Your place will not be reserved until you have paid. If you pay but cannot come on the day, we will do our best to fill your place.







HWRC Bursary Blog

“Move to medium” – Jane Bancroft riding North Astor Dave


I was thrilled to be awarded the senior HWRC training bursary in January 2016. The bursary is a fantastic way to start off the New Year, inspiring me to focus on my dressage training goals for 2016.


My main goals in 2016 are to:

Improve our elementary dressage marks to the low 70s (currently between 67-69%)

Start competing in unaffiliated medium dressage tests by the autumn.


To achieve this, I need to:

Focus on improving the medium and collected work. There have been consistent comments on our score sheet relating to our medium trot and canter work that keep cropping up i.e. not enough difference shown, unbalanced and loss of rhythm.

Learn new moves including walk pirouettes and half pass in trot and canter

Improve my fitness for sitting trot

Video myself riding a test more frequently. I filmed elementary 44 for the December and elementary 42 for the January Dressage Anywhere competition. Although I found this a bit cringe-y at first, filming myself has helped me to highlight what I am good at, where there are inaccuracies in my test riding, what I need to work on in schooling sessions and how my position/riding can be improved.


However the medium test moves are not all new, it’s confidence building to know we can do some of the required moves at medium level, namely shoulder-in and simple changes on a circle!

Since I received the training bursary, I’ve had 2 lessons with my instructor Lauren Avery. I told her about the training bursary and that I would like to compete in a medium test by this autumn. We both thought a move to medium is achievable but there is quite a bit of work to do.


Learning/action points so far

That progression is not always linear! It takes time to practice, experiments, learn from your mistakes

I recently read a blog and listened in on a webinar by Karen Rolf from Dressage Naturally recently. These points really stuck with me:

-Be clear about what you are trying to achieve at any given moment in your schooling i.e. responsiveness, softness, suppleness, forwardness (maybe all of these). Keeping this in my head whilst riding has really helped me to stay focussed in schooling sessions and not just ride round with no goal. Ask yourself, how you can help your horse.

-Cherish the 'yes' moments - when things go right, feel good about them and reflect why things went right.

-When things go wrong, which inevitably they do, experiment, try different things, go back to doing an easier movement….and don’t give yourself or the horse a hard time - "There's no such thing as failure, only feedback!"

To make sure the horse is always quick to respond to my aids

To ensure the horse is bending through its body

To keep riding the movement to the marker


Homework - Exercises for the horse

Stretching at the start of the session in walk, trot and canter to encourage looseness and relaxation

to practice baby walk pirouettes

To use more suppling exercises such as leg yielding shoulder-in and travers my warm up

Travers both up the long side and across the diagonal

Leg yield and shoulder-in (especially on a circle) to encourage engagement of the inside hind

Practice half pass in walk and trot, ensuring correct bend and riding the movement to a set marker


Exercises for me

Plank for 30 secs once a day – seems achievable?!

Leg lifts

Side plank.


Recent successes

January 2016 – we won elementary 42 Dressage Anywhere and qualified for the Chiltern and Thames Rider Winter Dressage Championships at Bury Farm in April.

January 2016 – Got 70.31% in elementary 42 at Fullers Hill Farm Dressage

6/2/16 Wing Dressage - we qualified for the open novice Chiltern and Thames Rider Winter Dressage Championships at Bury Farm in April.


Over the next 3 months, I hope to:

Have had a bio-mechanics assessment and be working on the learning from that

Watched more videos on – lots of videos about training horses towards elementary and medium level.

Compete at the C&T Rider Winter Dressage Championships




A word from the Chairman


I apologise profusely for the delay in sending out this Newsletter. It’s totally my error and not Bryony’s. I thought I had done it then Bryony’s reminder to me showed me I hadn’t. So I’m really sorry.


I don’t really have anything much to add this time. The Dog Show went well on 20th February, although entries were down somewhat this year. No idea why. We had NO MEMBERS at all this year, which was sad. The Kennel Shop at Stokenchurch gave us some fab prizes, such as Heat Pads (ideal for pups and older dogs) to lie on, loads of doggie toys, treats and much more – including a couple of clocks with dogs on the face! My sincere thanks to our helpers – Irene Harper, Jo Millward-Croft, Bryony Houston and Pat Blake. Pat was Steward to our Judge – a job she does annually to great effect. Those dog owners who did come went away very happy with their multiple rosettes and prizes. We enjoyed one gentleman who came with his dog, entering a dog show for the first time. He wasn’t sure of the procedure, and after running his dog up and down for the judge, went and sat back down again! He was told by both Pat AND the judge that he had to stand in line with the others until the line-up was chosen! He took it all in great fun and put his two rosettes he’d won on his hat when he left, saying his wife wouldn’t believe how well he’d done!


I just hope we have as much fun at our Dressage & Showing Show on 16th April. Any extra helpers would be most welcomed.


Best wishes,


Jan Eedle-Wells (HWRC Chairman) Home : 01494-882041 Mobile : 07966-276690


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