June 2016

HWRC Committee - 10-Jun-2016

JUNE 2016


Firstly, apologies for the newsletter being a bit late this month – the end of May galloped away with me! I think I am cursing the weather writing this newsletter – nearly every time I write how beautiful it is, we get a week of cold and wet weather! For the first time in my life, I am trying to be vaguely green fingered – or at least not kill everything in the garden! But my poor plants don’t know whether they are coming or going in this weather. But at least we are getting plenty of practice at cutting the grass; if only my garden was more ‘horse-friendly’, Bea would be in her element!
The Club has also been very busy in May with our 10th Anniversary Camp, the horse trials qualifiers and various championships – I can’t believe how much has happened – and mostly quite exciting stuff. You’ll have to read on below, but since I last wrote, High Wycombe Riding Club have featured in Horse and Hound and won even more sashes and rugs – we seem to be on quite a winning streak! As you may have read in the last newsletter, HWRC are the Winter Senior Intermediate Showjumping Champions (now there is a mouthful!) H&H covered the Championships and printed some lovely pictures and interviews with our team. For those that haven’t seen it, I hope you’ll excuse the slightly blurry photos!


What’s happened so far in 2016 …….
Camp Fri 29th April to Sun 1st May - Aston-le-Walls
Report by Mel Howard
Camp is awesome! This was the third HWRC camp I attended and it was to be a very special 10th anniversary camp, but very sadly the last to be organised by the awesome Emma Marsden. As usual Emma did a fantastic job of accommodating requests for me and my young horse, Blue, who I have not owned long. I have spent a few years away from RC as my old boy was no longer competing, but I was welcomed back by everyone like I’d never been away! I was worried bringing a baby horse to Aston le Walls and didn’t want to be put under pressure. The instructors were absolutely fantastic and my confidence grew in leaps and bounds over the weekend; I found myself sailing over 1.10 fences under the expert guidance of Nigel. The social aspect was fantastic, the pub night was awesome, everyone so friendly and we had a great sing along with the karaoke and tasty grub. I would honestly recommend camp to any kind of RC rider, from a baby to a pro and will definitely be attending again next year!

Qualifier! Area Horse Trials – Sunday 29th May at Snowball
Firstly a massive thank you to so many of our members who gave up their time to help out at Snowball for the horse trials. It was lovely to see so many of you, even if you could only help for an hour or so. We couldn’t run it without your help, so again, a huge thank you.
It was a busy day with qualifying spots available in 80, 90, 100 and 100+ classes for both Juniors and Seniors. HWRC fielded some great competitive teams in all of the Senior classes and Holly Martin represented us for the Juniors. A big well done to everyone who took part – you all did the club proud!
The day began with the 100+ class, in which High Wycombe RC had the only team, so they knew they just had to get home safe in order to qualify – and they did just that with Anita Sunthankar and Independent Spirit winning individually! The rest of the team (Jane Adderley on Bandmaster’s Melody, Jackie Jenkins on J’s Just James and Steph Read on Millennium Mischief) were just outside the placings. We also had 2 individuals running, Lucy Makinson on DJ’s Soldier Boy who was 2nd and Alice Prior on Woodend Picasso, who finished 3rd. So all being well, all 6 of our riders should qualify for the Championships in August!
Next up was the 100 class, with HWRC being represented by Laura Martin, James Tappin, Pauline and Karen Salisbury. They absolutely stormed home winning the team qualifier and getting some individual placings as well! Laura was 2nd, James 3rd, Karen 4th and Pauline 6th! Another great day in the office and another team qualified for Swalcliffe.
We had 2 teams in the 90; HWRC White was Jane Adderley on Sophia, Laraine Ryan on Venus, Bryony Houston on Waterton Heights and Pauline Salisbury on Cloud Nine. HWRC Black was Dani Kerby on Worley’s Cries of Freedom, Hannah Harvey-Smith on Brego IV, Jemima Hopper on Astral Boy and Megan Coleman on Marley. HWRC White won the team class with all 4 riders qualifying, with Pauline winning individually and Laraine finishing 4th! Dani Kerby finished 5th with an amazing dressage and an unfortunate pole down.
Finally we had the 80, with a team consisting of Andrea Haslam on Broadley’s Prophet, Alison Craft on Asterisk, Michelle Watts on Arabella and Laura Salisbury on Ridmor Robert, with Samantha Janes and Meynell and Holly Martin and Black Magic riding as individuals. Unfortunately the team were just outside of the placings, but congratulations to Ali, who finished 2nd individually!


Championship! Festival of the Horse Championships – 4th & 5th June at Aston le Walls
HWRC had a brilliant day at the qualifiers last October, which meant we had plenty of teams heading to the Championships this weekend. For those that haven’t seen the Challenge – you do a round of showjumping, immediately followed by a round of cross country. But to make it more challenging, BRC built two mirror image showjumping courses and left it to you to choose your route! It was certainly interesting and caused a few problems through the weekend.
Saturday saw the turn of the Seniors and the day began with our Challenge 100 team, consisting of Anita Sunthankar (Independent Spirit), Steph Read (Dartanian III), James Tappin (Masterclass IV) and Jane Adderley (Bandmaster’s Melody). Anita had a double clear with a few time faults, Jane had 4 faults showjumping and a couple of time faults. James had a Sat Nav error in the showjumping (understandable in this case!) picking up a few time faults before having 1 stop cross country. Steph was last to go and had a couple of showjumps down and a few time faults. The team finished in 7th place!
Next up were the Challenge 90 team, consisting of Bryony Houston on Waterton Heights, Jane Adderley on Sophia, Jo Lovett on Millend Bluebell and last minute replacement Hannah Harvey-Smith and Brego IV. I started the day flying round the cross country – and in my last 3 events, I’ve picked up time faults for being too slow, so I made sure I pushed on round the course and Bea felt great. Unfortunately I massively misjudged it and picked up 16 time faults for being too fast. From one extreme to the other! Jane guided Sophia round the showjumping and out onto the cross country – Sophia is quite green and this is certainly a step up for her! She had a little look at the fence into the water, but flew in second time and gained in confidence all the way around. Next up was Jo, who was on her mum’s lovely hunter. Bluebell rattled a couple of showjumps but did a beautiful round of cross country. Finally Hannah took the Spanish Mustang stallion, Brego IV around with a lovely double clear and she finished just outside the placings in 12th. Although the team weren’t placed, we were all delighted to have had such a good day. Last up were the 90 pairs with Steph Read and Megan Coleman vs Laura and Pauline Salisbury. Laura borrowed Karen’s Tri Zone Tango and from what I understand, had a little steering issue on the penultimate XC fence, where she barged into Joey, knocking Pauline off! However, she re-mounted and I understand that Laura and Pauline are still on speaking terms!! Steph and Megan had a lovely double clear and finished in 9th place!
Sunday was the turn of our Juniors – Laura Martin and Samantha Firth in the Challenge 100 and 90 Pairs. Sam and Laura had paired up with Megan from Wokingham and Bearwood RC to form an area 6 team in the 100. Unfortunately, Laura was unable to ride at the last minute, but luckily we were able to change the 90 pairs into an Area 6 team as well and Wokingham & Bearwood kindly found someone to step in! Sam and Maddison Peries had a cracking round, finishing in 2nd place! Well done to both of you – and special thanks to Lisa Oram and all at WBRC for stepping in.
Sunday also saw our Seniors competing in the Combined Training Championships – many on the same horses as yesterday! Our team consisted of Jane Adderley on Sophia, Pauline Salisbury on Cloud Nine, Alison Craft on Asterisk and Andrea Haslam on Broadley’s Prophet. Jane finished 2nd, Andrea 4th, Pauline 6th and Alison 9th! The very exciting news was that they won the team competition as well, by quite a huge margin! They were rewarded for all their hard work with beautiful rosettes, sashes and rugs – quite a special end to a long weekend!

Things coming up in 2016…

Qualifier! Summer Dressage – 12th June at Hambleden
This is a qualifier that we will be fielding teams in from Prelim to Advanced Medium. Teams have already been entered, but please do contact Steph Read if you are interested in taking part in the future.


Dressage to Music
We are very lucky to have a musically minded committee member, Natalie Porter, who is keen to help anyone that is interested in competing in the Dressage to Music qualifier on the 25th June at BCA. Natalie is willing to offer her expertise and provide the music for it at a very reduced rate. If you’re interested, please contact Natalie on
Qualifier! London & South East Horse Trials – 28th August at Shire Lane
This is a great introduction to team competitions and a lovely quiet event for youngsters or horses needing confidence. If you are interested in having a go, please contact Bryony or Jess.
We would love to set up more training for the club – please contact Sue Porter with what you would like to see from the Club!
Sue Porter 07944-725778/


A word from the Chairman……………
As Bryony has already said, this last couple of months has truly been hectic with so much going on. And there are still more Qualifiers and the Championships to go. I feel so proud of our members and how well they have done. Year on year there is improvement…..and in huge leaps and bounds, not just tiny steps. The enthusiasm, time, effort and training that everyone puts in is jaw-dropping, but the results are there to see. We have some good leaders in the Team Managers and some very gifted riders and horses amd long may it continue.
Committee places
I am aware that being on a committee is not everyone’s cup of tea. They imagine they’ll have to do too much, or fear they don’t have the right “qualifications” to be a committee member. But what they don’t realise is that certainly being on the HWRC Committee is like having a load of friends round and to chat and giggle over a cuppa and a chocolate biscuit. At least, that’s what our Committee Meetings seem to be like! Photos get passed around, stories told and re-told, so many laughs…….it takes me a while to bring everyone to some sort of order or we’d never get anything done! It’s a bit like the social life at Camp, which everyone enjoys so much!
However, sometimes work gets in the way, or people move house, or many other reasons, and we find they have to step down from the committee and leave us. We have just lost Nicola Park from our committee due to her work commitments, although she has kindly said she will look after the Teams for next year’s Area 6 Liaison Trophy Competition if we don’t have anyone to take that on. So…..we are looking to re-build our Committee numbers and am asking if any of you would like to join us? We’re not looking for anyone with any special qualities, other than them putting in a regular appearance at our “once a month” Committee Meetings. Someone who will help when help is needed etc. We don’t expect newbys to take on running events, though we would probably ask them to help someone else do so if we were short-handed. We’re very sorry to lose Nicola and thank her for all she has done in her time on the Committee. She’ll still be around in our Teams and events so we’ll still see her out and about.
So, if you’d like to find out more, would like to get more involved with Club life, make new friends, enjoy chocolate biscuits and laughing a lot, then do please contact me. My contact details are below on the last page.
Horse Trials 29th May at Snowball
This is truly a massive event to organise, for any organisation. But we like to look after everyone, be they riders, helpers, judges, stewards, fence judges, scorers…..whatever their role. It was especially nice to get feedback from helpers that came from other Area 6 Clubs to say they were amazed with the lovely lunch bags we provided and the buffet food laid out for the judges and other helpers that weren’t stuck on a fence etc. All this was courtesy of my sister who has done this for us for the third year running. To make sure everything was as fresh as possible, she said she filled the last bag at 4am on the Sunday morning, crawled into bed, and still delivered it all to Snowball at 9am. All I could say was “Blimey, Gian. Thank you so much”. It’s so good to have people around that will do things like food for you. She hasn’t ridden herself since being a teenager (when she always rode in a divided skirt like a cowgirl, not jodhs) but she’s always been very supportive of her “lil sis” and the HWRC. In Pony Club, it’s often the Mums that do the food, but not so in Riding Clubs. Everyone is too busy riding their horses to prepare sandwiches for dozens of helpers!!
Well, that’s about it for now. All best wishes to our team members for the forthcoming Dressage this month and the Dressage to Music if we have any takers for that. We have never before had any takers so if we do this year, it will be a first for us. Fingers crossed!
Best wishes,
Jan Eedle-Wells (HWRC Chairman) Home : 01494-882041 Mobile : 07966-276690

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