July 2016

HWRC Committee - 05-Jan-2017


JULY 2016


Well who would have thought it was July already? It’s certainly nice to have a bit more sunny weather – although maybe it’s just our yard, but it feels like we’ve suddenly been hit by flies. We’ve not been bothered by them much this year, but suddenly there are horse flies everywhere! Did you know that it’s only female horse flies that can bite you? Not that I am intending to inspect each horse fly I see for it’s gender before swiping it, but I’m sure our few male members will have a smile to themselves about these vicious women!
June involved my last marathon of the year – and it was a tough one. It was set in Kingsclere on trails, not roads and was very hilly. I ran well and finished in the placings… but ended up with some tendonitis. I tend to treat myself like a horse when I have ailments as I have more understanding of their lameness issues! I pulled up sound, but got lamer as the week went on, until eventually I was lame at walk. I got checked over by a nurse, where I failed my flexion test! Very much like a horse, I was prescribed box rest, bute (well, ibuprofen) and plenty of cold hosing! Thankfully I seem to be on the mend now – but it’s a good lesson in life… if unsure, treat yourself like your vet would treat your horse!
We also just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone that helped us so far this year – we really couldn’t do it without you! As members, you get a £5 helper voucher to put towards future events, but we are very aware that there are parents, husbands, partners and friends who always give up their time for HWRC and probably don’t get any real recognition for it! So we just wanted to ask our members to say a big thank you to anyone who has helped on your behalf! (Julie and Mick Rainer, Jemima’s boyfriend, Gary Wells and Jackie’s boys to name but a few!)


What’s happened so far in 2016 …….
Qualifier! Summer Dressage – 12th June at Hambleden
We had a full compliment of teams present at the summer dressage qualifiers – a big thank you to Steph for getting all the teams together. The day began with the Senior Prelim teams, which we had Jane Adderley on Sophia, Andrea Haslem on Broadley’s Prophet, Alison Craft on Asterisk and Zoe Harris on Black Magic competing. Ali finished 2nd – so a very big well done to her! We had three teams in the Open and a couple of individuals. The Green Team were Pauline Salisbury on Cloud Nine, Bryony Houston on Waterton Heights, Jane Bancroft on North Astor Dave and Steph Read on Mister Precedent.
The Black team were Laraine Ryan on Venus, Pauline Salisbury on Citerswood Senator, Lucy Makinson on Joker’s Chance and Karen Salisbury on Tri Zone Tango. Finally, the white team were Helen Keats on Xan-X, Laraine Ryan on Charlton’s Cavalier, Lucy Makinson on Deejay’s Soldier Boy and Laura Fontes on Ennio.
Lucy had a nasty fall in the warm up – it was a pure accident, her horse just slipped on the ground and she got landed on. We hope she’s making a full recovery now! We had a few good placings, but unfortunately the teams weren’t well placed enough to qualify to go to Lincoln. Bryony finished 3rd, Jane Bancroft was 7th, Pauline was 5th and 6th, Laraine 7th, Steph =6th and Karen 8th.
Well done to everyone that went.


Qualifier! Dressage to Music
We had our first ever entry for the Dressage to Music qualifiers this year, which was Natalie Porter and Lickeen Jack. A very big well done to Natalie, who made her debut at Dressage to Music with an Elementary test. She scored 65% and was just outside of the placings. Well done!


Things coming up in 2016…
Hickstead – Showjumping Teams of 3 = 31st July 2016
Laura has organised 3 teams of 3 to go to Hickstead this year! Each team member jumps at a different height (85cm, 95cm and 105cm). Good luck to everyone jumping!
Championship! National Horse Trials Championships – 5th to 7th August at Swalcliffe
We have teams running in the 90, 100 and 100+, which is a fantastic achievement! Good luck to everyone riding. It is a traditional three day event (two day event for the 90), which a steeplechase and roads and tracks to contend with. We are always run off our feet on Saturday and Sunday with the 10 minute box, getting riders ready to go cross country, so if anyone would like to come up and help/support, just drop Bryony an email.


Qualifier! London & South East Horse Trials – 28th August at Shire Lane
This is a great introduction to team competitions and a lovely quiet event for youngsters or horses needing confidence. We now have a schedule available, which will be emailed around shortly. If you are interested in having a go, please contact Bryony or Jess.
We would love to set up more training for the club – please contact Sue Porter with what you would like to see from the Club!
Sue Porter 07944-725778/
Showjumping at Hammer & Harp
Pauline has arranged showjumping on grass at Hammer & Harp alternative Friday evenings (next is tonight/15th July). Details are on Rob’s website – it is just £5 a round:


Showjumping with Lana at Waylands
Pauline is looking to organise showjumping clinics with Lana at Waylands – please get in touch if you would be interested and we can set some dates up.
A word from the Chairman –
I am very aware I will be in the minority here, but the onset of the hot weather has me floored! Just can’t cope with the hot nights and very hot days! The flowers in the garden seem to like it though, just a pity it takes well over an hour to water everything at nights!
Our animals need lots of water too in this weather. If you have automatic water feeders in your fields, that’s great. But if you have to manually take water or suchlike, the trough can dry up exceedingly quickly in the heat so don’t assume there’ll be plenty of water in them. Electrolites may be something you need to invest in, in this hot weather. Even if you’re taking your dog out with you, even just for a good walk, take a bottle of water and a small bowl with you. You’ll be surprised how much they will appreciate a drink half way round!
As Bryony has already mentioned, there are still plenty of events that our HWRC members will be competing in this month and next. The ground conditions have caused problems already this year. So many shows had to be cancelled this month, due to ground being too wet/waterlogged. Understandably, land owners don’t want their pastures churned up. But now with this heat, I’m sure the problems will be “too hard and dry”.
For any of you that attend the Littlewick Show each year, they are using a new venue. I’m not sure why, but I’ve just been advised as I’ll be judging there again in August. They will let me know the new venue’s details in due course, but I don’t believe it will be a million miles from the old place. Presumably, there won’t be the usual Car Boot sale going on at the new place!
We are delighted to learn how well our member, David Britnell, is doing in both eventing and his Instructor’s Exams. Considering David didn’t even begin riding until his early teens, it’s astonishing how quickly he is progressing up the ladder and still only in his early 20’s. His sister, Roxanne, is also doing very well, in both her evening and her career training. Mum, Dawn, is rightly extremely proud of both her kids. Kick on, guys!
I wish all our Members good luck at the forthcoming Championships and events. We’re very proud of you all.
Best wishes,
Jan Eedle-Wells (HWRC Chairman) Home : 01494-882041 Mobile : 07966-276690


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