January 2019

HWRC Committee - 01-Jan-2019


Newsletter - January 2019


Happy New Year to every one of our members and we hope you had a great Christmas. I don’t know about you, but this mild January is throwing me, I don’t think I have ever seen the fields this green in winter. Let’s pray we don’t get our winter in March again! I hope all your winter training and shows have been going well, it’s not long now until our first qualifier of the year.
New for 2019
There have been a couple of changes for 2019;
Riding Club Camp
Camp 2019 will be held in a new location Boomerang, this is a new re vamp for us after a lot of fun years at Aston le walls it was time to try somewhere different. We hope you will all embrace the change as it is sure to be a fun and educational weekend. The cost is £205 and takes place on the 26th – 28th of April it is a great way to kick of your season with Dressage, Show jumping and Cross Country for all levels with some top-class instructors. Its sure to be a fun filled weekend and is a great way to get to know other members, even if you don’t have a horse come on foot and enjoy the fun without the hassle of a horse! For more information have a look at the website or get in contact with Wendy Newman or Jo Lovett.
Riding Club Championships for 2019
Unfortunately, due to the current financial situation, we are no longer able to pay the full entry fee for championships. So, we would therefore now ask the member to pay for 50% of their entry fee whist the club would pay the remaining 50%. This will start from now, so anyone that qualifies for a championship this year and does not affect those that qualified for 2019 championships at the end of last year. Furthermore, if you drop out and are not able to be replaced you would be expected to pay 100% of the fee unless you can produce a doctors or vet note, just like in a normal competition. We hope you all understand this change was necessary for the club to continue to thrive.
What’s been going on
Area 6 Winter Novice Dressage Qualifiers
It has been relatively quiet on the riding club competition front, but we had a team and an individual entered into the Winter Novice Dressage Qualifiers at Wellington in December. The team of Inske Allso, Natasha Savage, Linda Newell and Jane Adderley came 6th with Linda coming 3rd, Natasha coming 7th and Jane coming 8th in their arenas. Jane also contested as an individual on another ride coming 2nd in the prelim class. So, a good day all around with such a small number of people, hopefully we will see a lot more of you in the summer qualifiers later in the year.


What’s coming up
Cheese, Wine and Plenty of Chat
On the Wednesday 6th of February, we are holding a cheese and wine evening at the Studley Green Community Centre, this is an opportunity to catch up, have a chat and ask any questions that you have about the up and coming year. There will be a selection of wine, soft drinks and cheeses for you to enjoy but if you have a favourite then bring it along for people to try. If you have any dietary requirements, please ensure you bring your own snacks too. Look forward to seeing a lot of you there so we can get the new year of to a great start.
Indoor Novice and Intermediate Show jumping Qualifiers
Not too long away, on March the 2nd, if the start of our qualifiers this year. We need all of you show jumping enthusiast out there to get involved, there are teams for juniors and seniors with heights starting at 80cm all the way up to 1.10m. So something for everyone to have a go at, whether you have competed 100 times or just starting out, come and give it a go. If you are interested in getting involved, then contact Laura Salisbury for more information.
Membership renewal
Just a reminder to renew your membership for 2019 by the end of January if you want to attend Camp and be considered for teams this year. Encourage any friends or family you know that are considering joining to join too so they can come along with you.
We a few training dates organised to get your year off to a great start;
Zoe Furnell is arranging some dates with John Crippin, so please let her know if you are interested in taking part. The prices are £30 for half an hour private or £20 for a group of 3, all prices include arena hire at his yard in Chesham. This is great preparation for Show Jumping qualifiers.
Kylie Roddy is offering to do some Arena Eventing training on 24th February @ £25 each in group of 4 , please also let Zoe Furnell know if you are interested in that too. This is an amazing opportunity to practice your tricky Cross-Country lines and great preparation for the arena eventing champs if you have qualified.
Meet the committee
This is an opportunity to get to know the committee better, so every month two of our committee will be in the spotlight. This month it’s;
Irene Harper
Role: Vice Chair & Secretary
Horse(s): Don’t ride anymore so just muck out Puff (30 yrs 15.2ish Grey mare, Bea 16 hand piebald mare RC horse and Harmony 7 yr old Liver chestnut mare!
Best HWRC memory: Many – probably the year that our Novice teams were 1st & 2nd at the RC HT Champs - this included Shelley my daughter, Lucy Chappell and many others that are no longer members. Plus, Bryony who was a junior came 5th on her amazing pony Inca.
How long have you been a member: Probably over 20 years
Would you rather your horse do everything its told or your horse be able to talk : Well – I always put words in their mouths anyway – they have a way of looking at you that is unmistakeable! That’s the pleasure of horse ownership.
How much do you pay for a bale of hay: Last lot was horrific £6.50 but normally use haylage (hay was to put out in the field!)
Riding inspiration: I hate to admit it but Pat Smyth (probably none of you know who she was) and Caroline Bradley.
Dream ‘Celebrity’ Horse: Love the ones we have – they’re all celebrities in my eyes!
Favourite non horsey thing to do: Walk, read and drink wine but not all at the same time.


Jess Coupland
Role: Joint Horse Trials Team Manager
Horse: Reilly Rather Cool. ISH, 7yrs ,15.3hh ish.
What you enjoy doing with you horse: A bit of everything
Best HWRC memory: Representing HWRC with Keogh in
open class at FOH Peterborough. Camp is always a highlight too.
How long have you been a member: About 10 years
Would you rather your horse do everything its told or your horse be
able to talk :When I’m running late I wish they would do as they are asked
How much do you pay for a bale of hay: £35
Dream ‘Celebrity’ Horse: Chilli Morning
Favourite non horsey thing to do : Don’t have huge amount of extra time with 5 horses to look after before work so relaxing after work is my main non horsey thing and walking the dogs.
A word from our chairman
Welcome to all our new members! We hope you will enjoy your Membership with High Wycombe Riding Club and will come along to the events we have planned for 2019. Also, a very Happy New Year to everyone, whether a new or existing member.
This is your first Newsletter from Zoe Harris, and we wish her well in getting a new edition out to you all each month. The Newsletter is also your platform to add anything that you’d like to share, so contact Zoe by email so that she can include your message/s.
I hope that you all received your 2019 Fixtures Booklet from HWRC? If any of you didn’t, please contact me and I will pop another in the post to you. Even one of our Committee Members didn’t receive hers in the post, so unfortunately it happens. We’ve tried to compile much of what was included in the Team Information Booklet into the Fixtures Booklet, as that is now deemed redundant since British Riding Clubs (BRC) have put so much of the information on their website.
It seems that annual Vaccinations continue to cause headaches to horse owners. BRC are really hot on this aspect, so do make sure you check ALL the dates in your Vaccination Certificates, even those going back some years. You can now do this via the BRC website, so much easier than trying to tax one’s brain working them out manually! A bit of time spent doing this could save you being eliminated from a Qualifier, or the Championships.
Forthcoming Events
Our first fixture is a Cheese, Wine & Chat evening on 6th February at Studley Green Community Centre. This is a departure from our usual meetings, but should be fun, and will give everyone the chance to sit and chat to others It will be in the Bar Room at the hall, not the usual large main hall.
Then we will be holding our annual Companion Dog Show on Saturday 23rd February, again at the above venue. We didn’t hold it last year as I was ill, so it will be fun to hold it again. Rosettes to 10th place and lots of prizes, so do come along with your pooches, and tell your friends too as it’s open to everyone. I will need a Steward to assist the Judge, and about three people to take entries on the day. Plus someone to pour the tea and coffee from the kitchen, so if you feel you could lend a hand for the morning, I would be very grateful. We should finish about 1pm. The schedule will be available soon.
Many changes in the equestrian world!
As I wrote in the letter enclosed with your Fixtures Booklet, there are so many problems currently in many areas of the horse world, mostly to do with lack of entries and the high costs of laying on shows and events. It’s really crippling, and lots of organisations no longer run their events.
I hear that Quainton has been sold to a new owner, as has Addington. Thame Show is not running this year, but next year (2020) it will run at Addington and I think it will be a Showing Show only. So many changes to what we have known and loved over the years. I’m waiting to hear what might happen with Bucks County Show this year too. They only had one ring for show jumping last year, though that was due to the ground conditions. But I know they too took a big financial hit in 2018.
The only way we can all survive this downturn is to get the support from riders with their entries, and also, helpers. Without Volunteers, I fear the horse world would surely collapse. If things don’t improve, there will be few (or none) small events for baby horses, children and novice riders to go to. Every entry made is gold dust and a positive step to keeping things running.
Paying your Subs
Please pay your 2019 subscriptions as soon as possible. This can be done online or by cheque & post to our Membership Secretary, Marj Herring, or indeed, given to any of our Committee members. By paying your subs, you will be Insured by BRC and will receive the Rider magazine direct through your letterbox. You will also be able to compete in any of the Qualifiers. BRC keep a spreadsheet of each Club’s members and if you’re not on their list, it all stops! I know it’s difficult just after Christmas; the bank balance is lean after all the present buying and party going, but that’s just one of BRC’s rules. It used to be October everyone had to pay their subs, but now it’s January.
What’s to come, weather-wise?!!
As Zoe mentioned at the start of this Newsletter, we just don’t know what the weather will do to us from hereon this year. Last year was difficult to say the least, what with the ‘Beast from the East’, the torrential rain and then being baked to death! For all the wonderful scientific equipment the weather forecasters have, I don’t think anyone really knows! We just have to do our best and keep the welfare of our horses at the forefront of our daily lives.
Thefts on the rise again
I understand that thefts are on the rise again, so maybe time to look at your current set ups and see where improvements can be made. It’s so easy to think it won’t happen to you, because it hasn’t happened in the past, but it’s a sobering thought that you could be next! The thieves are so darned clever these days and dogs, horses, tack and farm equipment just go missing in an instant. If you need to get your tack marked, then contact Helen Evans who has a tack marking kit. Helen works with Thames Valley Police and also runs Horse Watch so she can also give advice on keeping your animals, equipment and buildings safe. Her details are at the back of our Fixtures Booklet.
I hope you and your horses all keep well and safe, and we do hope to see you at our forthcoming events. Fingers crossed for a much better year this year!
Best wishes,
Jan Eedle-Wells
Chairman HWRC – 01494-882041 –


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