February 2019

HWRC Committee - 18-Feb-2019

Newsletter - February 2019


Congratulations! You all survived January and its nearly time for the season to start. It was a quiet month with not very much going on, I was bringing my pony back into work after having December off. So, I am looking forward to bringing him out more this month as I hope you are with your horses, ready for the season ahead. Lets all have a positive February; training and getting our horses fit and pray that, that was the last of the snow and we don’t have a visit from the beast from the east this year. And just remember winter is nearly over, there is a light at the end of the tunnel!


What’s coming up
Companion Dog Show
This is our annual dog show taking place on Saturday the 23rd of February at Studley Green Community Centre. There are classes for Pedigree and non-Pedigree dogs, entries are taken on the day from 9.45 and judging starts at 10.15. The classes include; Pedigree Puppy 6-12 months, Sporting, Non- Sporting and Open, followed by Best Cross Breed, Veteran and other novelty classes including Fancy Dress. This event is open to members and non-members so bring your friends and their dogs along to enjoy a day out and maybe win a few prizes . Let’s see if your dogs are better at competing than your horses are!


Indoor Novice and Intermediate Show jumping Qualifiers
On March the 2nd is the first of our 2019 qualifiers. We need all of you show jumping enthusiast out there to get involved, there are teams for juniors and seniors with heights starting at 80cm all the way up to 1.10m. So, something for everyone to have a go at, whether you have competed 100 times or just starting out, come and give it a go. We are specifically looking for 2 x senior 90cm competitors, 1 x 80cm senior competitor, 1 x 80cm junior. If, you are interested in getting involved, then contact Laura Salisbury for more information.
Riding Club Camp
Camp 2019 will be held in a new location Boomerang, this is a new re vamp for us after a lot of fun years at Aston le walls it was time to try somewhere different. The cost is £205 and takes place on the 26th – 28th of April it is a great way to kick of your season with Dressage, Show jumping and Cross Country for all levels with some top-class instructors. Its sure to be a fun filled weekend and is a great way to get to know other members, even if you don’t have a horse come on foot and enjoy the fun without the hassle of a horse! There are still some spaces available so, for more information have a look at the website or get in contact with Wendy Newman or Jo Lovett.
Membership renewal
Just a reminder your membership for 2019 is now due, so if you want to attend Camp and be considered for teams this year make sure you are all paid up. Encourage any friends or family you know that are considering joining to join too so they can come along with you.
Zoe Furnell is arranging some dates with John Crippin, the prices are £30 for half an hour private or £20 for a group of 3, all prices include arena hire at his yard in Chesham. This is great preparation for Show Jumping qualifiers. There was a session organised for the 17th of February so be sure to let Zoe know if you would like to join in or inquire about future dates.
Pub and Grub Social
Come and join us for a pub dinner and a catch up on the 20th of March! We’re looking to have a meal once every 6 or 8 weeks at different restaurants/pubs around the local area. If you have a favourite local, let us know and we’ll look to go there next. Really, this just seems an excuse to talk horses and eat some tasty food every now and then! And we all know how annoying it is to lose a shoe, so the Three Horseshoes seems an ideal first venue! Once we know numbers, we’ll book a table for 8pm... but if you don’t plan to eat, you’re welcome to join us for drinks. Feel free to bring along friends or family members, even if they are not HWRC members. First venue - the Three Horseshoes, Wycombe Road, Marlow (just off M40/A404/Handy X roundabout). Please reply on the facebook group if you are interested or contact Bryony Houston.
Meet the committee
This is an opportunity to get to know the committee better, so every month 2 of our committee will be in the spotlight. This month it’s;
Bryony Houston
Role: Webmistress and Eventing Team Manager
A bit about your horse: Harmony, 16.3 (rather taller than I'd like), Warmblood, liver chestnut mare (must be totally mad!!), rising 8 - owned for 1 year. Beatrice, 16.1, TBx, piebald mare, rising 21 and owned for 11 years
what you enjoy doing with you horse: Bea is the ultimate eventing schoolmaster, but taking a bit of a step down now. Every outing is a bonus and a great jolly for her now! Harmony has done plenty of show jumping and we're looking forward to celebrating the odd clear round (a rarity with Bea) and get out eventing this year. 2019 aims - Blenheim eventer's challenge and competing at 100 level eventing. If I find some brave pants, I may even jump a newcomers... but that's a big if!
Best HWRC memory: So many to think of - staying away at the horse trials championships, many years ago in a strange combination of baking sunshine and flooded, muddy ground... but the team camaraderie was great! We had a BBQ in the evening - and lots of laughs. I think I fell through a camp chair, but it just felt like a little holiday with my friends... competing was definitely a secondary thing!
How long have you been a member: Since I was 14, so 17 years... which simply cannot be true! I am not old enough for that!
Would you rather your horse do everything its told or your horse be able to talk : I would much rather have my horse do as she's told. If she could talk, she'd be giving me all the excuses for why she couldn't do it! Toddlers talk enough for my liking!
How much do you pay for a bale of hay: I think we pay £25 for a big bale of haylege... but I just pay what the boss (my mum) tells me!
Riding inspiration: I love watching Ros Canter ride - she is so graceful and effortless, as is Michael Jung. Anyone that sits nice and quietly and looks like they are doing nothing is an inspiration for me!
Dream Horse: Would love a ride on Valegro, as he just seems such a dude! A bit old school, but for years, my favourite horse was Lenamore... a little Irish pocket rocket. Allegedly he couldn't be warmed up for the dressage and he had to be led back from the XC by two people as he was so feisty, but he just ate up any fence in front of him... and made it look so fun!
Favourite non horsey thing to do: Between horses. full time work, a toddler and a husband... time for hobbies is a bit hard to find. It's a tough choice between running and enjoying a glass of wine, some chocs and a film on the sofa.


Inske Allso
Role: Joint Dressage Team Manager
A bit about your horse: Diosa, 15.2hh Spanish PRE, aged 8. Have had her since she was 2, and she likes to make sure that my abilities as a rider are regularly challenged!
what you enjoy doing with you horse: We enjoy, dressage, hacking and are trying our hand at eventing. Basically, we give most things a go, and then do more of it if we like it!
Best HWRC memory: Riding club camp a couple of years ago. I was a relatively new member, and didn’t really know anyone. Everybody on the camp was very welcoming, and I got to know some lovely people.
How long have you been a member: 3 years
Would you rather your horse do everything its told or your horse be able to talk :I bought a mare, as I find horses that do what they are told very boring, but it would be great for Diosa to be able to vocalise her opinions on things, which might give me half a chance to argue back!!
How much do you pay for a bale of hay: Varies, but roughly £5 a small bale or £35 a large one.
Riding inspiration: Alois Podhajsky, Charlotte Dujardin, Carl Hester and anyone that succeeds at training highly opinionated hot horses to a high level
Dream Horse: Don’t really have one - there are so many good horses out there to admire!
Favourite non horsey thing to do : Listening to music, preferably live music at a comfortable seated venue!


A word from our chairman
My first sentence is to apologise to everyone for the lateness in sending out this Newsletter. I had to buy a new computer and by the time it was all fixed up for me to use, we realised it had swallowed all my email addresses, so its been a long trawl to manually type them all in again. Having input all our HWRC members, I accidentally touched a new key and skilfully deleted the whole lot again! Rather blue air in this household for a while, and SO tiring having to do it all twice.
Equine Flu
This will be on every responsible horse owner’s mind at the moment. We just don’t know where it’s going to pop up next. We read all about how strict we must be with biosecurity at the moment, but let’s face it, some are better at it than others. I’m sure it will be a bit like theft…..”Oh, it won’t happen to me”, until it does of course.
It’s just such a nuisance (to say the least) as we have so many Qualifiers coming up just around the corner and we don’t know if venues are going to allow fresh horses on to their ground. So it’s a case of waiting to see if everything can go ahead. The next one we have to worry about is the Novice & Intermediate show jumping at BCA on 2nd March, with the Combined Training shortly afterwards on 17th March at Rosehill. And of course, we mustn’t forget the Arena Eventing Championships at Aston-le-Walls on 9th/10th March and the Novice Winter Championships at Arena UK (though that is a very long way to go!)
Open Dressage & Clear Round Jumping – 14th April at Rosehill
This will be a new competition for HWRC and we really hope that we will have a lot of people wanting to come. The schedule is being produced and I will email it to you all when it’s finished. Some of the Dressage Tests will be on grass, so that should be helpful for those who do Horse Trials, as it’s always done on grass for that. Other Dressage will be on a surface. That’s the beauty of Rosehill as they have the choice of both surfaces. Then there will also be Clear Round Jumping at all sorts of heights, from tiny-wee to bigger. Just tell us what you want on the day. The show jumping will be on grass. Many people don’t have the chance to jump a complete course of jumps unless it’s in a competition, so hopefully this will be a good opportunity to jump a complete course without having the nerves of a competition biting at their heels.
Our Cheese, Wine & Chat evening
This was held on the 6th February in the Bar Room at Studley Green Community Centre. Those who came said they really enjoyed the evening. There was certainly a lot of chat going on! The Committee supplied all the cheese and the wine, not the Club, though there were plenty of soft drinks too for those who don’t drink. It turns out that some members who didn’t come said they would certainly come if we held social events like this on a Friday evening, rather than during a weekday. This was a surprise to us as we assumed Fridays were ‘going out dancing’ nights! However, we are going to try Pub Meal Nights every couple of months, so we’ll see how they go. Bryony (Houston) is organising the first one on 20th March at The Three Horseshoes, Marlow Bottom. Yes, it’s on a Wednesday evening again so mid-week, but I’m sure she will organise others on a Friday night and move the venues around. Anyway, we’ll see how popular they are.
Fixture Booklets
We sent one of these booklets to all our Members, giving all the dates and venues of both our own HWRC events, and also, the Qualifiers and Championships. But I’ve noticed quite a few members have asked the dates of some of the up-coming events so either they haven’t looked in the booklets or they haven’t received one in the post. If that’s the case, contact me and I will post another one to you.
2019 – Will we have a much better year???
Last year was pretty bad for the horse world in general. So many shows and events cancelled due to the ground conditions, lack of entries or lack of helpers. It hit a lot quite hard financially and I doubt we will see them all re-emerge. So I really hope that this year will be very much better all round. Organisers need a lot of entries to be able to pay for the services needed, like Paramedics, Judges, Course Builders etc. None of these come cheap. So we all need the support of riders to get things going again.
We hope to see as many of you as possible at forthcoming events. And do try and get your yard pals and friends to come along too. The more the merrier! Let’s hope this Equine Flu flies off somewhere into the clouds so we can all get back to normality.
Very best wishes to you all,
Jan Eedle-Wells

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