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HWRC Committee - 18-May-2018




Well, I’d love to start with this talking about the beautiful weather we’re having, but I think I missed the boat! I can’t keep up with this weather – it’s sunny one minute, showers the next – and we’re back to the cooler weather again. Maybe summer will come next week?! In the meantime, I hope your fields are drying out – and you don’t have too much grass!



What’s happened since our last Newsletter…

Novice Dressage Championship – Arena UK
This year, the same team that won the championship qualified again, which shows how consistently wonderful they are! Jane Bancroft has kindly written a report for SE Rider, which she has allowed me to steal for your reading delight!
The HWRC senior team were thrilled to qualify for the KBIS British Riding Club national novice dressage championships held at Arena UK on the 14th of April.
The winning team from 2017 of Jane Adderley, Jane Bancroft, Lucy Makinson and James Tappin returned with the aim retaining the trophy.
As I was traveling up to the champs, I started thinking about the time and the cost involved in these competitions. I must be slightly bonkers I thought. However my love of dressage and the opportunity to compete at the BRC championships makes the time and money well spent. With horses you never know what’s round the corner. Carpe diem!
As the competition started the sun started to break through the clouds which seemed to have hung over the UK since last summer. Spirits lifted, even more so with the supportive atmosphere and the friendliness of the volunteers putting competitor nerves at ease.
Jane Bancroft rode a consistent novice test to score 68.75% and be placed 6th out of a strong field of 30 combinations. One small error cost the pair at least a couple of marks and possibly places which Jane felt slightly frustrated about, but ‘that’s horses and dressage’ she commented. ‘The run up to these championships haven’t been ideal for one reason and another so to get here and compete has been an achievement in itself!’ Every competition is a learning curve and what I have learnt is I need to really ride every every movement’.
Lucy rode a lovely consistent test to score just over 67% and finish 11th. Overall Lucy was pleased with the test but felt her horse lacked a bit of energy and sparkle. The 3 hour journey to the competition in the morning has been very tiring for Joker’s Chance.
Jane Adderley was really pleased with the way Double Diamond behaved during the test but knew it wouldn’t be a winning test. The combination finished in 21st place.
James was pleased with Urkells Diamond Jubilee’s test. She felt nice and forward which is something the combination have been working hard on. The pair scored 63.5% and finished 20th.
Unfortunately the team weren’t unable to retain their title and were placed 15th out of 28 teams. Congratulations go to this year’s winners. We hope to return next year, but will need to qualify again at the area 6 qualifier at Wellington in December 2018.
Winter Showjumping Qualifier – Berkshire College
After yet another snowed off qualifier, this eventually took place on a lovely sunny day at BCA! Our 80 team won at the qualifier, consisting of Jean Churn, Charlotte Osmond, Harriet Coupland and Linda Shortt but unfortunately the team just weren’t able to make the championship at Arena UK, so the qualification was handed down to the 2nd place team. Next up were our 90 team, who came 2nd with Andrea Haslam winning individually. Finally, we had a team in the 100 competition, consisting of Linda Shortt, Pauline Salisbury, Zoe Furnell Brennan and James Tappin, who won with Zoe winning individually! Well done to everyone – lots of rosettes and good luck at the Champs!
Combined Training Qualifier – Rosehill Equestrian
We had two senior teams running at the Combined Training qualifiers, who finished 2nd (Inske Allso, Jane Adderley, Pauline Salisbury and Andrea Haslam) and 7th (Jane Adderley, Linda Shortt, Jo Lovett and Charlotte Osmond). Individual placings include Linda coming 2nd, Jane 2nd and 7th, Andrea 3rd, Charlotte 7th and Pauline 3rd. We had 2 juniors riding Cruz Furnell-Brennan, who finished 2nd and has qualified for the championships and Jodi Carter who came 3rd and 4th on her ponies. Well done everyone!

HWRC Camp – Aston le Walls 27-29th April - Another very successful Camp!

As always, camp has been oversubscribed for months! Have a fabulous weekend everyone – I really hope the weather forecast improves. And if it doesn’t, Wendy knows some great karaoke songs to take your mind off it!!


And still to come…
Open Dressage Show – Berkshire College of Agriculture – 5th May – Postponed to September
We did all we could to encourage entries for this show – we had tests from Intro to Medium, had rosettes to 10th place and promised a fun and friendly show! However, our efforts didn’t produce enough entries for the show to go ahead. So we have re-scheduled to 22nd September and hope that we’ll be flooded with entries!

Horse Trials Qualifier – Snowball Farm – 27th May
We are looking for team members in all classes – from 80cm up to 100+, both junior and senior. Please contact Bryony if you are interested in taking part –
If you take part in the 90 class, you can also qualify for the Snowball Farm championship in September with a £700 first prize!
HWRC Selection Box - Rosehill - 30th June

We are very excited to have the expertise of Ginny Oakley for the day on the 30th June. We are finalising what will be on offer and how much, but do keep the date in your diary. We hope to offer a bitting/tack clinic; Ginny is excellent at seeing how a horse goes and offer a few tweaks with bits to see if it might make a big difference. Her bit collection is quite something!! We are also going to use her expertise to have a side saddle session. If you've ever fancied giving it a go, now is your chance!

A word from the Chairman –
Oh dear! What a start to the year! So much poor weather since December has meant so many events and shows have had to be cancelled or postponed, and even some of the postponed dates haven’t been possible to go ahead. Many people don’t realise how much money is lost through these postponements or cancellations. Some venues demand cancellation fees, even if their ground conditions are swimming in water! Rosettes will have been ordered and delivered, all having to be paid for even if not used. And, of course, hidden costs like postage of schedules and other items. We can only hope that the forthcoming months will allow our events to go ahead as planned.
Keeping our horses fit enough to compete has been another headache for many riders, as not everyone has access to indoor arenas, or arenas of any kind. I myself recall practicing various movements like shoulder-in whilst riding along narrow lanes out hacking. Now, many people keep their animals at livery yards where facilities have been much improved, or have even dug deep and had arenas built on their own land so that they don’t have to rely on hacking to exercise their horse/s. But keeping horses properly fit in poor weather is an ongoing problem.
I have seen some of the photos that were taken at this year’s Camp at Aston-le-Walls at the end of April and shown on Facebook. It seems that, although the weather wasn’t very kind this year, everyone had a fabulous time. Many thanks to both Michelle Watts and Georgia Neaves for organising this annual, much loved event. I can’t believe its been running for so many years now! And still it hasn’t lost its magic. However, we need another one or two people to step into the organiser role for next year. If you are a regular Camp goer, and would like to see it continue, please contact anyone on the Committee to find out what is involved. Thank you.
I think many riders seem to have lost their enthusiasm for going to shows at the moment. Quite why is hard to say, except that some have been competing at BRC Qualifiers and haven’t managed to muscle up the energy needed to compete again at Club events. So, due to very low entries for the Dressage Show we had organised at BCA on 5th May, it just wasn’t financially viable to carry on. So we have postponed the event to September, probably the 22nd. But of course, we will confirm that nearer the time.
While most of our members, and other horse riders, are well into using Facebook, I am aware that there are still some out there that just don’t want to use it. Maybe it’s a lack of trust in the whole Facebook thing, but it has proved to be an enormously useful tool in getting information out to Club Members and other interested people quickly and easily. It’s just not possible for everyone to remember who ISN’T a Facebook user and send the info to them by email.
There was a time when people didn’t use email, so things had to be written (yes, with pen and paper!!) and posted out. I well remember having to get copies of Minutes of meetings copied copious times and posted to Committee Members, but now they can be easily emailed to the members. Its made a tremendous difference and been very cost effective. The amount that used to be spent on stamps was amazing!
But back to Facebook. It does concern me that some of our Members, let alone others, are missing out so much on information that is being relayed about events, cancellations, training and all sorts of other useful stuff because they aren’t Facebook users. Some are concerned that they may leave themselves open to some sort of hacking or other. And yes, that does sometimes occur, but really, very rarely to us ordinary folk. It seems to happen mostly with people’s emails. And of course, you need only read the Facebook messages and look at the photos posted on there, you don’t actually have to comment! So if you have avoided Facebook until now, you may like to think again, as I hate the thought of our members missing out on news that we send out. Its useful also to be able to keep up with what other Clubs are doing so that we don’t clash on our dates!
The date is fast galloping up, as we are in May already. Irene (Harper) works very hard to make sure that this event runs well, as there is so much to do and boxes to tick. It’s probably just about the largest, most complicated event that any Riding Club can run. And before anyone thinks the organisers make a stash of dosh, think again! There’s only so much that can be charged for entries and by the time you’ve paid for a Vet, Paramedics, Judges, Venue…..all of which runs into thousands of £, if you come out with a hundred quid at the end, you’re doing well. We have lost money running this event in the past, but we always live in hope that the current year will prove differently!!
So, if you can help us either the day before or on the day, it would help us so much. Even if its driving round delivering drinks to the many Fence Judges stuck out on the Course. We rely heavily on people’s help. Sometimes, you think you’ve just about filled every job that needs a person to do it, only to discover on the day that the helper/s haven’t turned up – but haven’t had the decency to let the organiser know! If being a helper hasn’t reached your world yet, then this is perhaps the year to make it happen! I do always worry that one day, there won’t be these grass roots events, because no-one wants to help run them. And of course, there are helper’s vouchers given for members to use against other events.
We had organised for a Personal Trainer to run some Keep Fit sessions especially for riders. They were due to start on Thursday 10th May evening on the playing field next to the Studley Green Community Centre (where we hold our AGM and Team Evenings). There are other groups using the inside rooms of the hall there on Thursday evenings, but the door would be open for Keep Fitters to use the loos if needed. But again, not enough people came forward wanting to do it, so we’ve had to cancel the sessions. We may be able to run this in the future, if the interest is there, so do let us know.
For the first time in a long time, we had very few people turn up to our Team Evening in April. I have to admit, it was very disappointing. Was it because everyone knows all they need to know about Team Events and rules now so felt they didn’t need to come, or did we not advertise the Evening well enough? Without knowing, its hard to make sure that doesn’t happen again. We do have to pay for the venue and the light refreshments, so it was a real loss-maker this year. However, maybe it was just a one-off and we’ll see more of you all next year. Let’s hope! We may change the format for next year, so we’ll see what can be done.
We always enjoy hearing from our Members, so do contact anyone on the Committee if you want to know anything or make a point. We are here, after all, for our Members, not for ourselves. And if you’d like to put something in our Newsletter, then again, contact us. We are happy to put FOR SALE items in the Newsletter too, for no charge.
I think that’s about it for now, so I’ll bid you all Ta Ra until next time. Keep dry!
Best wishes,
Jan Eedle-Wells (HWRC Chairman) Home : 01494-882041 Mobile : 07966-276690


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